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Chemical Processing – In pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints and other equipment, Kalrez® parts—whether O-rings, custom shapes or valve stem packing systems—are proving their value year in and year out as the best choice for long-term, reliable service.

Kalrez 1050LF Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 0040 Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 6380 Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 6375 Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 7075 Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 7090 Data Sheet

Semiconductor – The success of Kalrez® has been field-proven in the manufacture of semiconductors, where processing steps can involve extremes of both thermal and chemical exposure.

Kalrez 2037 Data Sheet
Kalrez 4079 Data Sheet
Kalrez 6375UP Data Sheet
Kalrez 8002 Data Sheet
Kalrez 8900 Data Sheet
Kalrez 9100 Data Sheet
Kalrez Sahara 8085 Data Sheet
Kalrez Sahara 8475 Data Sheet
Kalrez Sahara 8575 Data Sheet

Food and Pharmaceuticals – Food and Pharmaceutical applications require the ultimate in cleanliness and Kalrez® parts provide that along with excellent sealing performance in a wide range of aggressive media over a broad range of temperatures. The introduction of FDA-compliant Kalrez® compounds offers a new standard of sealing solutions with full traceability, low contamination from extractables and excellent seal life.

Kalrez 6221-6230 Data Sheet

Aerospace – High-performance Kalrez® parts provide reliable and long-lasting sealing performance for the military, commercial and general aviation industry. They are used as oil seals in gas turbine engines and air delivery systems.

Kalrez 1045 Data Sheet
Kalrez 4079AMS Data Sheet
Kalrez AeroSeal 7777 Data Sheet
Kalrez AeroSeal 7797 Data Sheet

Oil and Gas – Kalrez® parts stand up to severe down-hole conditions—from high pressures and temperatures, to aggressive sour gas and corrosive fluids.

Kalrez Oil & Gas product Selector Guide
Kalrez 0090 Data Sheet
Kalrez 2085 Data Sheet
Kalrez 3065 Data Sheet
Kalrez Spectrum 7090 Data Sheet

Photovoltaic – Kalrez® seals for photovoltaic cell manufacturing processes.

As the demand for photovoltaic (PV) systems continue to rise, manufacturers must find ways to increase uptime and improve output. Unplanned maintenance due to incompatible sealing materials can cause downtime and interfere with production schedules. Selecting the appropriate sealing material can help improve performance and lower cost of ownership in both bulk crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic processes that use aggressive “wet” chemistries, high temperatures or reactive plasma/gas. Kalrez® parts retain their elastomeric properties at temperatures as high as 325°C, and resist over 1800 chemicals including alkalis, acids, solvents, O2 and fluorine-based plasma.

Kalrez 9100 Data Sheet
Kalrez PV8030 Data Sheet
Kalrez PV8050 Data Sheet
Kalrez PV8070 Data Sheet



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