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O-Ring Lubrication

General Purpose Lubricants for Common O-Ring Elastomers

In all dynamic applications, proper lubrication and good heat dissipation are essential to long seal life and performance. In pneumatic applications, supplemental lubrication should be provided. Lubricants should be selected on the basis of the material of which the O-Ring is made and the type of service to which it will be subjected. (See Table). In other instances the lubricant can be molded into the O-Ring, or Teflon or other coatings can be applied to the surface.

Type of Elastomer Type of Service Lubricant Temperature Range, ºF
Nitrile Hydraulic OilsSevere ServicePneumatic or Vacuum PetroleumBarium GreaseDow Corning: DC-55 -20 to 180-20 to 300-65 to 275
Fluorocarbon (Viton) Hydraulic OilsHigh Temperature & Vacuum PetrolatumDC-55 -65 -20 to 180-65 to 275
Chloroprene Hydraulic Oils Vacuum Petrolatum Petrolatum -20 to 180
Silicone General High Temperature Petrolatum Dow Corning: FS-1292 -20 to 180-20 to 400
Ethylene-Propylene SkydrolSteam & Hot Water Aviation FuelService Co: MCS-352Dow Corning: DC4, DC-7, DC-55 65 to 30032 to 350


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