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daemar caplugs by product series

Caplugs manufactures a complete line of caps designed to protect virtually any product for virtually any application. Using the Caplugs by Product Type selector page identify protective caps manufactured from plastic (low or high-density polyethylene), FlexTemp (for high heat resistance), silicone rubber, aluminum, paper, and vinyl. The vast selection includes threaded and tapered caps, flange covers, and static protective caps for product protection during shipping, packaging, or production processes. Whether you’re protecting tubes, pipes, fittings, O-ring ports, furniture, or a part requiring a custom solution, Daemar has the cap you need.

Product Type Selector Guide

Tapered Caps and Plugs

Tapered caps and plugs – available in plastic, vinyl, and many other materials.

caplugs caps

Threaded, and non-threaded caps – available in plastic, vinyl, and many other materials.


Threaded, non-threaded, load bearing, and finishing plugs — available in plastic, vinyl, and many other materials.


Caps, plugs, edge liners and grommets for product finishing applications. This line includes vinyl products including handle grips.


A complete line of masking products for the finishing industry. Our standard product line consists of caps, plugs, stoppers, masking tapes, tubing and sheeting. These masking products are available in a range of materials that include: Silicone, EPDM and High Temperature Vinyl.


Caps, plugs and edge lines for protecting your electronics applications. Available in static dissipative materials and dsigned for specific connectors including D-subminiature, Coaxial and Micro-D.

dmr-caplugs-fc-series-pipe and flange
Pipe and Flange Protection

A full line of injection-molded, dip-molded, extruded and die-cut products to protect your flange surfaces. Each flange cover offers superior protection of the flange and is designed to be easily installed and removed. Protect your flange surfaces from damage, dust, moisture and foreign particles with one of our economical flange covers.

Tubing and Packaging

A range of products targeted towards the Packaging and Shipping industry. From clearview tubing and end caps to sleeve webbing and plastic vials.

dmr-caplugs-svs-series-oxygen-caps compressed gas
Compressed Gas

A full line of products to protect CGA valves and compressed gas cylinders. Used in a wide range of specialty, medical and industrial applications, this line includes protective netting for cylinders, caps for valves with external threads, plugs for valves with internal threads, protective valve sleeves and reusable tethered vinyl caps.

dmr-caplugs-octg thread-hammer union-sucker rod protection-eue-nue
Oilfield Thread Protection

Oilfield drilling equipment requires the use of heavy drill pipes that are expensive and are susceptible to damage. Thread protection is vital for the optimal successful operation of drilling systems. Tubing,Casing, and Tool joint series are available.

Core Plugs

The versatile PolyGuard™ line of core plugs and basic accessories to protect the quality and integrity of your rolls and spools.


dmr-caplugs-vc-series-vinyl-capsVinyl  Caplugs

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) more commonly referred to as Vinyl, is now the world’s second most used plastic and it is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry.



Medical device components you’re looking for. Our factory are the only true national plastic molder of both protective and functional parts for medical devices and equipment.

Hose Guard

A full line of hose protection. From the industry leading Pig’s Tail™ Spiral Wrap to our anti-abrasion sleeve, hose protection solution for every application and environment. Manufactured under our stringent ISO certified quality management system, we ensure consistent, quality products.














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