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Oil and Gas Industry Applications

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Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Daemar supports Oil and Gas industry applications with a broad range of products that provide sealing, retaining, alignment and protection. Combine our product mix with local inventories and EDI computer systems integration and Daemar becomes a valuable supply chain partner who can help reduce your acquisition costs.

Shaft Seals

Daemar DMR oil seals, babsl seals o rings, v-rings, hnbr

Shaft seals provide lubricant retention and dust and debris exclusion. For oil and gas industry applications we provide a large selection of lip styles including JM Clipper, and a broad range of lip materials depending on the fluid the seal is in contact with. Specialty seals such as Protech Bearing Isolators, JM Clipper Seals and Simrit BABSL Seals More>>

Retaining Rings

Daemar DMR Rotor Clip spiral rings, wave springs

Daemar provides the technical expertise to assist in selecting the correct retaining rings for your oil and gas industry applications. Daemar stocks retaining rings in a range of materials including stainless steel which is often required in fluid environments and large diameter. More>>

  • Internal and External in both Inch and Metric sizes
  • Large Diameter Rings
  • Tapered Section, Constant Section and Spiral Rings
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Standard Carbon Steel


Daemar DMR Oil Field Thread Protection

Caplugs products you can prevent damage to threaded or beveled pipe ends and avoid costly delays in your schedule due to reworking or replacing damaged products in the field. Keep Dirt out, Keep clean in… with Caplugs products you can keep dirt and contaminants out of your pipes or valves and ensure trouble-free installation. Oilfield drilling equipment requires the use of heavy drill pipes that are expensive and are susceptible to damage. Thread protection is vital for the optimal successful operation of drilling systems. Tubing,Casing, and Tool joint series are available. More>>

Mechanical Seals

Daemar DMR seals

Daemar offers a full range of Single Spring “Pusher” Mechanical Seals for pumps. Depending on the pumps operating conditions a selection of heads, seats and spring types are available. More>>

  • Types A, B, C, D and E (equivalent to type 6, 6A, 21, 2, 1)
  • Pump Manufacturer cross reference to aide in seal selection

Braided Packing

Daemar DMR compression Packing, mechanical packing

Braided packing (compression packing) is widely used in stuffing boxes for pumps to seal all types of fliuds. More>>

  • Most popular styles and sizes in stock
  • FDA grade packing material
  • Industry part number interchange


Damear DMR dryslide th bushings, flange bushings, bearings

Bushings when pressfit into a gear or housing provide a low friction surface that can require little or no operating maintenance. With no moving parts and options such as self lubrication bushings are often the right choice for oil & gas applications. More>>

  • Dryslide
  • Fiber-Lube
  • Powdered Metal
  • Solid Metal

Custom Kits for Maintenance

Daemar DMR Custom Kitting for Oilfield Maintenance

As a value added benefit Daemar’s Packaging and Branding Group designs and assembles kits for customer specific requirements. Kits help reduce down time in the field and ensure all the components required for the maintenance work are available. More>>

  • In The Field Maintenance
  • Aftermarket Maintenance and Repair Kits
  • Manufacturing Production Lines












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