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Solid Metal Bushings

These series of bushings feature metallic structure with a range of various lubrication methods depending on the series. Lubrication options include: oil grooves, sintered layers, solid graphite lubricants, lubricant indents and lubricant through holes.

Daemar DMR iron graphite plug
TH 250

Series 250 is made of cast iron based metal with special lubricants embedded. The base metal withstands high load and the solid lubricant plugs provide the self-lubrication. The solid metal bushing shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extreme high/lower temperature with low speed.


TH 450

TH450 is steel backed with a bronze alloy liner. Oil grooves can be machined to your specifications, which will improve the bushing performance substantially. Compared to traditional steel bushings this material allows for much lower running friction, excellent wear resistance, higher temperature limits and higher speed limits. High-speed presses are a good application for this solid metal bushing.


TH 650

Machined cast bronze bearings offer technical and economic advantages. A combination of high loading capabilities, low weight and good corrosion resistance insures superior performance. DMR offers different grades depending on your applications and the tolerances of the 650 Series solid metal bushings are much tighter than wrapped style bushings.



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