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Caplugs manufactures a complete line of caps designed to protect virtually any product for virtually any application. Using the Caplugs by Product Type selector page identify protective caps manufactured from plastic (low or high-density polyethylene), FlexTemp (for high heat resistance), silicone rubber, aluminum, paper, and vinyl. The vast selection includes threaded and tapered caps, flange covers, and static protective caps for product protection during shipping, packaging, or production processes. Whether you’re protecting tubes, pipes, fittings, O-ring ports, furniture, or a part requiring a custom solution, Daemar has the cap you need.

At Your Service


At Daemar our business is much more than simply providing products; we work with our customers to deliver Supply Chain solutions that meet their specific challenges. Daemar has developed all of the capabilities required to support our customers’ Lean Manufacturing initiatives – providing JIT delivery, vendor managed inventories and computer systems integration.

Product Sort

When it is absolutely necessary for zero percent product contamination Daemar can develop and provide a product sort program. The automated manufacturing and packaging processes utilized by Daemar’s suppliers can sometimes mean that unwanted product scrap is packaged along with good product. At Daemar we understand that some of our customers’ automated manufacturing and assembly processes can not accept non-conforming product, for these situation we can offer 100% product hand sort to ensure that all contaminating parts objects are removed.

Custom Kitting

As a value added benefit Daemar’s Packaging and Branding Group designs and assembles kits for customer specific requirements. These kits are branded with labels that include our customers logos, part numbers and bar codes and packaged to provide easy access and the convenience of portability. Additionally, Standard Kits are available for O-Rings, Quad-Rings, Retaining Rings, Keystock, Shimstock, and Woodruff Keys as well as the Daemar Pack Program for O-Rings and Retaining Rings.

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