Shim Rolls

Shim Stock Rolls features a roll of shim conveniently packaged in an easy opening box. Simple to store and transport the boxes are well labeled for quick and easy part identification.

  • Precision rolled to assure accuracy in all its applications.
  • Shim Stock is available for 0.0005” to 0.032” thick.
  • Standard widths are 6” or 12”

Shim stock can be easily stamped, bored, cut, milled, sheared or drilled to suit any application. Contact us for your custom sizes.


Stainless Steel Shim Rolls
DMR Stainless Steel is 300 Series, full hard tempered
Full-hard Stainless Steel is slightly magnetic due to cold rolling. Stainless Steel Shim Stock has a Rockwell hardness of C40-45
Brass Shim Rolls
It has been cold rolled to a 1/2 hard temper with a tensile strength of appox. 62,000 PSI. Brass Shim Stock is 70% Copper & 30% Zinc. It has a Rockwell hardness of 30T 56/68.
Steel Shim Rolls
DMR Steel Shim is low carbon mild steel cold rolled to a #1 hard temper.  It is stiff and springy, and can be used where hardness is required.
Nickel Shim Rolls
DMR Nickel Shim Stock is a 200 grade annealed material.



Aluminum Shim Rolls
DMR Aluminum Shim Stock is a type 1100, which has a minimum aluminum content of 99%. Its temper is H-18, full hard.
Blue Tempered  Shim Rolls
DMR Blue Tempered Shim Stock is 1095 high carbonspring steel. It has a Rockwell hardness of C 48/51.Blue Tempered Spring Steel is polished and blued.
Annealed Steel Shim Rolls
DMR Annealed Steel is 1075 high-Carbon steel, which is heat treatable. Annealed Steel is a spheroidized annealed temper.
Copper Shim Rolls
DMR Copper Shim Stock is a 110 alloy material in the annealed (soft) condition.


Plastic Shim Sheets

DMR Plastic Shim Stock is colour coded for your convenience. It is used where corrosion is a problem. The size of the pieces are 5″x20″, 10″x20″, 20″x20″. From .0005″ to .030″ thick. Special slit widths are available on request.


Plastic Shim Sheets
DMR Plastic Shim Stock is colour coded for your convenience. It is used where corrosion is a problem.
Plastic Shim – Assortment Packs
DMR Plastic Shim packs  is colour coded for your convenience. It is used where corrosion is a problem.



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