Daemar Quick-Turn Service


At Daemar our business is much more than simply providing products; we work with our customers to deliver Supply Chain solutions that meet their specific challenges. Daemar has developed all of the capabilities required to support our customers’ Lean Manufacturing initiatives - providing JIT delivery, vendor managed inventories and computer systems integration.

Supported by the Daemar regional warehousing network and our global partnerships - our customers experience fast, courteous service throughout the world.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Many of Daemar’s larger customers enjoy the benefits of interacting with Daemar through EDI:

  • increased productivity
  • improved transaction quality
  • reduced total cost of ownership

Our individual products are often of very low unit cost and moving to an EDI solution can generate significant reductions in Total Cost of Acquisition. Setting up an EDI program with Daemar can allow visibility of our inventory levels on your ERP system, orders can be placed or modified and Daemar can verify shipment of goods. The number of RMA’s reported is typically reduced as the frequency of human interactions with the data is reduced. Your staff can spend less time on repetitive data entry tasks and more time on value added tasks. Accounting functions such as invoicing and payment can also be streamlined through he use of EDI.