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Selecting Correct Elastomer for the Operating Environment

The success or failure of a seal in a particular operating environment is hugely dependent on the selection of the correct elastomer, which will suit the operating environment conditions. A seal or other elastomeric components may be subjected to multiple factors in a specific operating environment. These operating environment conditions include but are not limited to Ozone resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance. Selecting an elastomer that will be best suited for these particular conditions is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of these components.

To view range of elastomers offered by Daemar, click here.

Black Sponge Profiles Elastomers

Daemar Resources to help you make the right selection

  1. Elastomers Comparison Of Properties: A chart specifying a range of elastomers and their compatibility with particular environmental factors. Since there is no single elastomer which can stand out in all the environmental factors, one must make comprise on some factors and select on the basis of the most crucial factors.
  2. List of elastomers with their general properties: We have made a list of the most widely used elastomers with their general descriptions and properties like temperature range and usual hardness. You can also find the various trade names of these compounds in this list.
  3. Information on Elastomers Temperature and Durometer: This page gives information on the maximum temperature range for each elastomer and guidance on selecting the right durometer number of the compound depending on the nature of the application.
  4. Fluid Compatibility Selector: Check the compatibility of over 500 fluids with the major elastomers with just a click of a button. No need to search the web or those big books and waste your precious time. This tool is an absolute time-saver.
  5. Storage & Elastomer Shelf Life of Compounds: If you ever thought about how to store and the shelf life of different compounds, this page is a general guide to get you started and get basic guidance on it. The information provided takes into consideration the most recent technological advancements in polymer formulation. Thus, this is your credible source to get reliable information.

FDA Approved Materials

Meet the government’s strict quality norms and regulations with Daemar’s FDA approved elastomers and their components. Designed and engineered to perform in the harsh medical and pharmaceutical processing environment, these FDA approved elastomers can withstand the regular cycles and chemicals of equipment washdown. If you are looking to produce FDA approved medical and sanitary supplies, Daemar can be your reliable partner for supplying FDA approved elastomers and urethane sealing components. These components are found in many types of equipment operating in demanding sanitary environments. To find out more information about FDA approved elastomers, click here.

Cold Weather Elastomers

With more and more industrial processes being carried out in cold environments, one needs an elastomer which can perform effectively in such low temperatures. Our components made from Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene (HNBR), also known as Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN), are superior to NBR in low brittle temperatures, providing longer service life. This elastomer can withstand temperatures as low as -50ºF. To find out more information about HNBR and its applications, click here.

Cold Weather HNBR Elastomers Daemar

Kalrez for Extreme Operating Environments

Certain types of industrial manufacturing can only be accomplished in extreme operating environments such as aggressive chemical processing and very high temperatures (about 327º C). In these conditions a majority of elastomers will fail. When you require elastomers for such extreme conditions, you can rely upon DuPont’s™ Kalrez Components, which are engineered specifically for these kinds of demanding conditions. Switching to Kalrez can also lead to cost savings with reduced cost of ownership as to its properties, high quality build mean longer operating life, less maintenance and component change out. To learn more about Kalrez and how it can help you in manufacturing under extreme conditions, visit this page.

Kalrez seals also meet the highest standards of safety for areas such as pharmaceutical, medical packaging and the food and beverage industries. For FDA approved Kalrez seals click here.

To learn about selecting the correct products for your operating environment please contact your local Daemar Technical Sales Representative.











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