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Daemar Now an Official Distributor of Minnesota Rubber Quad-Rings

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Daemar Now an Official Distributor of Minnesota Rubber Quad-Rings

In a significant development for the industrial sealing solutions market, Trelleborg, a global leader in engineered polymer solutions, has recently acquired Minnesota Rubber, a renowned manufacturer of precision-engineered rubber and plastic components. As a result of this acquisition, Daemar has become an official distributor of Minnesota Rubber’s flagship product, the Quad-Ring®. This makes Daemar provide even more innovative and high-quality sealing solutions to its customers.

Introducing Quad-Rings®

Quad® Brand Seals are known as the solution for complicated applications where better performance is critical. The seals are well-suited for static, reciprocating, and oscillating sealing applications. As the original patent holder since 1959, Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, now Trelleborg, is recognized as the novel Quad-Ring® manufacturer, and the proprietary geometry provides a reliable, engineer-trusted part for critical-to-perform applications.

  • The original Quad-Ring® Brand seal is a four-lobed seal developed to prevent spiral twists and withstand distortion and extrusion.
  • The proprietary geometry of the Quad-Ring® leads to better performance of the seal in the application.
  • For years, Quad-Rings® have been positioned as the solution to use when other seals didn’t work. They offer a lower failure rate than other products, such as x-rings.
    • Quad® Brand Seals are very highly regarded.
    • Prior to the acquisition, Trelleborg purchased Quad® Brand Seals from Minnesota Rubber & Plastics as a customer for 40+ years.


  • Longer seal life
  • Reduced friction
  • Eliminates leakage with sealing surfaces placed strategically away from parting lines.


  • Customers that are risk-averse are the ones who use these. If an O-ring works, they will use that for value.
  • Well-suited for static, reciprocating and oscillating seals.
  • Quad-Rings® are used as an alternative product for O-Rings as well as an alternative product for our dynamic seals in low-pressure applications.

Quad® Brand Seals are US-engineered and globally manufactured, eliminating supply chain challenges.

Daemar’s reputation for delivering quality solutions makes us an ideal partner for distributing Quad-Rings® to industries seeking the highest level of sealing performance. As an official distributor of the Quad® Brand Seal family, we can help you find the optimum seal for your application. For any questions reach out to our technical team today.

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