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Turcon® Variseal®

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Turcon® Variseal®

Spring-energized seals for high vacuum and corrosive environments that are used for both dynamic and static applications.

Variseal® are effective in a wide range of applications. They are chosen when higher resistance to chemical media is required, if the seal is required to operate in extremes of temperature and/or where good extrusion and compression characteristics are needed.



Turcon® Variseal® designs have three main characteristics:

  • Application-specific U-shaped seal profile
  • Spring geometry suited to the particular application
  • Proven high-performance Turcon® or Zurcon® polymers

Standard or custom geometries are available in metric, inch and intermediate sizes ranging from 2 to 3,300 mm / 0.079 to 126 inch.

Method Of Operation

All Variseal® designs included on this page have the same operating principle and differ only in their profile form and the type of metallic spring used.

The Variseal® spring supplies the load required for sealing at low pressures (Figure 1). The “U” shaped jacket allows fluid pressure to energize the sealing lips, so total sealing pressure rises with increasing operating pressure (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Turcon® Variseal® without system pressure
Figure 2: Turcon® Variseal® with system pressure


The different types of Variseal® designs combined with the properties of Turcon® and Zurcon® materials offer design engineers a wide range of solutions for a large number of applications.

The most important characteristics of Variseal® designs are listed below:

  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Good dynamic and static sealing
  • Capable of sealing at high speeds up to 15 m/s / 2,940 fpm
  • Almost universal chemical compatibility
  • Operating temperature of -253 °C up to +300 °C (-423 °F to +572 °F)
  • Very good thermal resistance
  • Properties unaffected by contact with chemicals
  • Good aging characteristics
  • Low compression set
  • Capable of withstanding high pressures above 200 MPa (2,000 bar / 29,000 psi) when using Back-up Rings
  • Very good dry-running properties
  • Can be installed in grooves according to AS4716 (Mil-G-5514 is an old spec) and DIN 3771

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Industry Applications

Turcon® Variseal® in Semiconductor Industry

Turcon® Variseal® in Semiconductor Industry

Field-proven in extreme gas and liquid handling situations, a number of variations of Turcon® Variseal® spring-energized seals are especially suited to the most demanding of semiconductor sealing applications, including high vacuum and corrosive environments.




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