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Hydraulic Seals

Daemar’s line up of hydraulic seal products has been developed to provide exceptional value by combining the quality and performance that design engineers require with the total cost of ownership savings that today’s businesses demand.


Daemar Hydraulic Seals Loaded Lip Seal

Loaded Lip Seals

Loaded Lip Seals are very versatile and can be used as rod seals or piston seals. They are considered to be multi-purpose seals and are designed for significantly improved performance.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals U-Cups


U-Cups derive their name from their shape and are self-sealing on both the inside diameter and outside diameter. They are most often used for sealing rams or rods and are very popular due to the small gland space required.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Rod Wipers

Rod Wipers

The main function of the Rod Wiper is to keep the rod and cylinder clean and free from foreign matter; thus preventing premature failure.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Metric Rod Wipers

Metric Wipers

Metric Wipers are the same as Rod wipers just are available in metric sizes.Some styles are are capable in surviving hostile environments.


Daemar Hydraulic Seals Wear Rings

Wear Rings

DMR Wear Rings are Glass Filled Nylon. The use of these non-metallic wear rings totally eliminates metal-to-metal contact and the subsequent galling and scoring of cylinder bores and rods.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Wear Strips

Wear Strips

Wear strips are designed to eliminate scoring in hydraulic and pneumatic applications by preventing metal to metal contact. They are used in reciprocating, rotary, and oscillating motion environments.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Piston Seals

Piston Seals

Two-part seal requiring no lubrication. Provides bi-directional sealing.Easy installation and removal, and can be cut in the field for easier installation.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals T-Seal

T Seals

The T-Seal is compact and provides an excellent option to bulkier types of seals in a double or single acting application. The T-Seal is used in reciprocating hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and in high-pressure applications.


Daemar Hydraulic Seals Vee Packing

Vee Packing

DMR Vee Packings are multiple-lip (chevron) seals comprised of a group of endless rings and are popular for sealing rods and pistons.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Piston Cups

Piston Cups

Piston Cups are primarily used on piston heads, plungers or rams in hydraulic or pneumatic service. Piston Cups are commonly used because of economical cost, excellent service life, efficient assemble, universal acceptance, and simple accessories.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Metric Piston Seals

Metric Compact Piston Seals 

Work the same as regular piston seals just in metric. Lubricants such as oil and grease are able to penetrate the fabric and allow the seal to be highly wear resistant.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Back-Up Rings

Back Up Rings

Back-up rings are washer-like devices that are used to prevent a seal from extruding through any gaps while under pressure. Back-up rings are not seals themselves, but are usually used in conjunction with O-rings in high-pressure applications. Typical applications include hydraulic cylinders and high-pressure hydraulic systems, and high-pressure valves.


Daemar Hydraulic Seals Buffer Rings

Buffer Rings

Buffer Rings buffer the pressure spikes of hydraulic systems. They act as a primary rod seal, and at the same time enable trapped fluid sealed by the secondary seal, which is down stream of the buffer, to be pumped back into the system. Buffer seals are commonly used for rod seal application only.

Daemar Hydraulic Seals Spherical Bearings

Spherical Bearings

Self Aligning Bearings. Carbon Chromium Steel.












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