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Engineered Fasteners

Daemar’s line up of Engineered Fasteners provides non-threaded fastener solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include: self compensating hose, constant section retaining rings, push-on fasteners, plastic fasteners, kits and installation tools.


Daemar Rotor Clamp Hose Clamps

Rotor Clamp

Self Compensating Hose Clamps

  • Low pressure applications hose assemblies
  • Single wire, Double wire & Constant Tension Bands
  • Available in standard hose sizes.


DMR Push-On Fasteners

Light Duty Stampings

  • Hat Fasterners, Bolt Retainers
  • Inch & Metric Size Push-On Fasteners


DMR Plastic Fasteners

Large selection of molded Nylon 6/6 fasteners including screws, nuts, washers, spacers, bushings, panel fasteners, hole plugs, circuit board hardware, hose clamps, wire handling clips, cable ties, and more.


DMR Retaining Ring Kits & Packs

Kits are effective tools for reducing costs for maintenance and assembly staff by eliminating the guess work in part selection and saving time in part sorting. Daemar offers a range of inch and metric kits with both internal and external retaining rings.


Ring Masters

Constant Section Retaining Rings

  • Internal and External
  • Variety of Cross Sectional Shapes
  • Inch & Metric Size Retaining Rings


Installation Tools

Rotor Clip pliers, applicators, dispensers and automatic assembly tools specifcally designed for aiding in the installation of Rotor Clip retaining rings.



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