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Daemar Retaining Ring Packaging Options

Retaining Ring Packaging Options

Daemar offers a range of packaging options depending on the requirements of your particular assembly scenario.



Bulk –

The parts are packed in varying size boxes or bags depending upon the size of the part. If a part is ordered bulk, there is no code listed after the finish. For example, HO-0025-PP would indicate that the part is to be shipped bulk.

Shrinkwrapped Rings –

The retaining rings are shrink wrapped instead of tape stacked – particularly useful on Phosphate & Oil (PD) or other oiled parts in which tape will not stick.

Stacked –

This means that the rings are stacked on top of one another, using automated equipment, and taped in that position. The resulting cartridges can be used to feed automated assembly equipment for easier, more efficient installation of the rings. Only the following retaining ring styles are offered stacked: E, DE, ME, MRE, JE, C, DC, MC, RE, HO, DHO, MHO, HOI, VHO, RG, and PO/POL.

Rings on Wire (ROW) –

The Rings On Wire packaging offers the following advantages:

1.Eliminates Mixed Parts
2.Eliminates Sorting
3.Reduces Handling
4.All Parts Are Burr Oriented
5.Beveled Parts Will Be Properly Oriented On The Stack
6.Yields A Flatter Part



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