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Daemar Standard Materials for Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings Standard Materials

Compare specific materials for your retaining ring and application.



Carbon Steel (SAE1060-1090) –

Carbon Spring Steel: This steel is known for its high strength,and reliability in retaining ring applications. Since carbon spring steel is subject to corrosion, Rotor Clip treats all such rings with a protective coating to ensure some corrosion resistance. For long-term corrosion protection, a zinc plating or non-metallic finish should be applied over the steel.

Stainless Steel (PH15-7 MO) –

Stainless Steel: PH 15-7 Mo is an extra strength corrosion-resistant steel, capable of preventing atmospheric oxidation at temperatures up to 900º F. It also offers the following advantages:1. Minimal distortion due to unique heat-treating process.2. A minimum of 225,000 psi for high ultimate tensile strength.3. High creep strength. Note: We reserve the right to substitute PH 17-7 stainless steel material for PH 15-7 Mo on larger rings.

Stainless Steel (Type 420) –

Stainless Steel Type 420:A less expensive alternative to PH 15-7. Since general corrosion resistance for this material is less than PH-15-7, use of this material depends upon the application.

Beryllium Copper (Alloy 25) –

Berrylium Copper Alloy # 25: Applications that require conductivity are best served by this material. It is also characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and is particularly effective in sea air and seawater atmospheres.


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