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Retaining Rings Index & Interchange Chart

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Retaining Rings Index & Interchange Chart

Retaining Ring Index & Interchange chart to competitors parts. Interchange to Waldes, I.R.R., Anderton, Seegar.



Inch Retaining Rings Daemar Inc Waldes I.R.R. Anderton Seegar
Daemar-DMR-Retaining-Ring-HO-Series-200x200 HO N5000 3000 N1300 16625
Daemar-DMR-Retaining-Ring-SH-Series-200x200 SH 5100 3100 N1400 16624
Daemar HOI Internal Housing Inverted Ring HOI 5008 4000 N1308 16627
Daemar-DMR-RetainingRing-SHI-200x200 SHI 5108 4100 N1408 16626
Daemar SHR External Shaft Reinforced Ring SHR 5160 7200 N1460 3217
Daemar SHM External Shaft Tamper Proof Ring SHM 5560
Daemar RE Series Reinforced External E Ring RE 5144 1200 N1540 3215
Daemar-DMR-RetainingRing-E-200x200 E 5133 1000 N1500 16633
Daemar C Series External Crescent Ring C 5103 2000 N1800 16632
Daemar LC Series External Interlocking Ring LC 5107 90708
Daemar POL and PO Series External Poodle Ring Light PO 5304
Daemar POL and PO Series External Poodle Ring Light POL T5303
dmr-retaining-ring-be-end-play-take-up-01 BE 5131 1001 N1501 16634
dmr-retaining-ring-el-end-play-take-up-01 EL 5139 3216
Daemar Rotor Clip BHO Series End-Play Take Up Retaining Ring BHO N5001 3001 N1301 16629
dmr-retaining-ring-bsh-end-play-take-up-01 BSH 5101 3101 N1401 16628
dmr-retaining-ring-vho-internal-beveled-housing-ring-01 VHO N5002 N1302 16631
dmr-retaining-ring-vsh-external-beveled-shaft-ring-01 VSH 5102 1402 16630
dmr-retaining-ring-shf-external-shaft-friction-ring-01 SHF 5555 7100 N1440 90707
dmr-retaining-ring-rg-external-radial-grip-ring-01 RG 5135
Daemar-DMR-RetainingRing-TX-Series-200x200 TX 5115 N1465
dmr-retaining-ring-ty-external-push-on-ring-flat-rim-01 TY 5105 6100 1405
dmr-retaining-ring-ti-internal-push-on-ring-01 TI 5005 R6000 N1305


DIN Metric Rings  Daemar Inc Waldes I.R.R. Anderton Seegar
Daemar-DMR-Retaining-Ring-DHO-Series-200x200 DHO DIN-472 D1300 J
Daemar-DMR-Retaining-Ring-DSH-Series-200x200 DSH DIN-471 D1400 A
Daemar DC Series External Crescent Ring DC M1800 H
Daemar-DMR-RetainingRing-DE-200x200 DE DIN-6799 D1500 RA
Daemar-DMR-RetainingRing-DTX-Series-200x200 DTX M1465 ZA
dmr-retaining-ring-Dti-internal-push-on-ring-01 DTI M1305 ZJ


Spirolox Daemar Inc Spirolox. Smalley Rotor Clip
dmr-retaining-ring-ur-internal-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 UR Internal UR VH KL
dmr-retaining-ring-us-external-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 US External US VS CL
dmr-retaining-ring-rr-internal-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RR Internal RR WH KM
dmr-retaining-ring-rs-external-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RS External RS WS CM
dmr-retaining-ring-rrt-internal-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RRT Internal RRT WHT KR
dmr-retaining-ring-rst-external-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RST External RST WST CR
dmr-retaining-ring-rrn-internal-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RRN Internal RRN WHM KG
dmr-retaining-ring-rsn-external-spirolox-spiral-ring-01 RSN External RSN WSM CG



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