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Rubber ring for shafts requiring a dynamic seal (primary or back-up) in the axial direction. The body of V seals rotate with the shaft and holds itself in position by its elastic fit on the shaft. Sealing is produced by the contact between the lip and the counterface.

Additionally, the V Series seal has good sealing action when the shaft is eccentric and/or there is some misalignment. Combined with radial shaft seals, these axial face seal designs provide excellent excluding characteristics against all types of liquids, greases, oils, dirt, snad and other foreign materials.


V-Rings are available in both Buna ‘N’ and Viton

Standard DMR V-Ring Profiles

Daemar DMR V Seals

VA V-Rings 

Standard style, VA seal has a straight back for shaft from 3 mm to 2000 mm.

Typical applications: Ideal for conveyor rollers and appliances

Competitors types: VR1

Daemar DMR V Seals

VS V-Rings 

Wide body (angled back) for higher speed applications.

Typical applications: Commonly used in automotive and agricultural applications.

Competitors types: VR2

Daemar DMR V Seals

VL V-Rings 

Narrow cross-section where space is limited.

Typical applications: used in pillow block applications.

Competitors types: VR3

Daemar DMR V Seals

VE V-Rings 

Heavy duty design for large diameter applications (longer lip can accommodate greater shaft misalignment).

Typical applications: Commonly used in rolling mills as a dirt/water excluder seal.

Competitors types: VR4


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