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Daemar Radially Assembled Retaining Rings

Radially Assembled

Retaining Ring Radially Assembled  retaining rings are radially installed into machined grooves on shafts. They don’t have lugs or lug holes and do not extend as far around the circumference of the grooves as their axial counterparts. Consequently, they can be installed quickly using Rotor Clip applicators and dispensers. Rotor Clip radial retaining rings are also available stacked (excluding the LC rings).



E retaining ring 5133 Ring 1000 retaining ring N1500 retaining ring

E – External E Ring

Perhaps the most popular and widely used radial retaining ring is the “E” (so named because it is shaped like the letter “E”.) Three prongs make contact with the bottom of the groove and provide a shoulder for effective retention of assemblies.

Size Range: .040 – 1.375 inches

RE retaining ring 5144 retaining ring 1200 retaining ring N1540

RE – External Reinforced E Ring

The RE retaining ring is a reinforced version of the E ring, which will accommodate higher thrust loadings and RPM. RE rings function in the same groove as regular E rings, so that you can change from one to the other without re-engineering the application.

Size Range: .094 – .562 inches

C retaining ring 5103 retaining ring 2000 retaining ring N1800 retaining ring

C – External Crescent Ring

Ideal for low clearance applications where radial installation is preferred.

Size Range: .125 – 2.0 inches

LC retaining ring 5107 retaining ring

LC – External Interlocking Ring

The LC ring is produced in two identical halves. The ends interlock into a groove on a shaft and, once assembled, are dynamically balanced. As a result, they are particularly effective at retaining assemblies with extremely high rotational speeds.

Size Range: .469 – 3.375 inches

PO POL retaining ring 5304 retaining ring T5303 retaining ring

PO/POL – External Poodle/Poodle Light Ring

The PO ring features wide “ears” (resembling those of a poddle dog, thus the name) which offer extra retention surface against the retained part. PO rings also come in thinner sizes as a standard series of rings known as POL.

Size Range: .156 – 2.0 inches













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