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The O-ring is the most widely used seal in industry today. It is simple in concept, easy to install, can be used as a double-acting seal, can seal pressures to over 5,000 psi in static and dynamic applications and, best of all, is very economical.While simple in concept, it can be very sophisticated in its applications. O-rings are available in 349 standard inch sizes as set up by the Aerospace Standard 568 published by the society of Automotive Engineers. For O-ring sizes other than these standard AS sizes, specify the actual dimensions desired for the inside diameter (I.D.) and the cross section (W).



Daemar DMR AS-568 size o-rings, metric size o-rings, BOSS o-rings

Molded O-Rings

The O-ring is a simple and versatile seal that can be used in thousands of applications. O-rings are manufactured in a wide variety of compounds to suit your every need.

Daemar DMR Back-Up Rings Style 574

Back Up Rings

Back-up rings are washer-like devices that are used to prevent a seal from extruding through any gaps while under pressure. Back-up rings are not seals themselves, but are usually used in conjunction with O-rings in high-pressure applications. Typical applications include hydraulic cylinders and high-pressure hydraulic systems, and high-pressure valves.

Daemar DMR Quad-Rings X-Rings

Quad Rings

Providing excellent sealing characteristics in a broad range of applications, Quad-Ring® seal’s are available in a full range of standard sizes, in Nitrile and Fluoroelastomer.

Daemar DMR Dupont Kalrez O-rings


For demanding sealing applications when customers require the very best, Kalrez® parts manufactured only by DuPont Performance Elastomers, are the elastomer seals of choice. Supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes, Kalrez® resists over 1,800 different chemicals while offering the high temperature stability of PTFE (327°C).


Daemar DMR O-Ring Cord

O-Ring Cord and Custom Extrusions

Profiles and extrusions custom manufactured to your specifications. Available in inch or metric cross sectional sizes and a wide range of materials.

Daemar DMR Teflon Encapsulated O-Rings

PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

O-rings consisting of a seamless and uniform PTFE FEP/PFA encapsulation/jacket which completely encloses a core material (either Viton® fluoroelastomer or silicone). The combination of these components creates an o-ring that is virtually chemically inert and compression set resistant for use in harsh sealing environments.




Teflon O-Rings

Teflon O-Rings are produced with 100% Virgin PTFE and fabricated to extremely close tolerances and to the highest industry and military specifications.

Daemar DMR Specialty O-Rings Metallic

Metallic O-Rings

Metallic O-rings are designed to prevent leakage of gases or liquids under adverse sealing conditions.


Daemar DMR O-Rings

Metal Detectable O-Rings

O-Rings molded in metal detectable compounds.


Custom Vulcanized O-Rings

O-rings custom manufactured for your specific application needs. Available in inch or metric cross sectional sizes and a wide range of materials


Daemar DMR O-Ring Kits  Buna Viton Splicing

O-Ring Kits

A wide variety of O-rings are standard in our kits, giving you the flexibility and the versatility to find the right fit for your situation.

Daemar DMR Packaging and Branding Program

Pack Program

O-rings prepackaged in poly bags for convenient over the counter sales.


Sanitary Gaskets

A wide variety of sanitary gaskets and o-rings. Hygienic seals are used widely in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Industrial and Semi Conductor industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. We offer the entire product range of specialty gaskets in several elastomers, and fluoroelastomers.


Urethane Belts

Vee and Round Urethane drive belts available in FDA/USDA grade materials and a range of durometers and diameters for the specific application. Supplied from cord stock and fabricated to the exact size required, the belts can be bonded on site.














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