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Hammer Union Seals

A hammer union comprises of a thread end, a nut end and a hammer nut which, when cinched up, compresses a composite seal assembly thereby preventing leakage. The seal assembly comprises a metal insert of a size to pass into the seal groove of conventional hammer unions and a small seal acting between the insert, the thread end and the nut end. The small seal is conveniently an O-ring or a Hammer Union Seal (Lip Seal) and is of a size that is compressed when the seal assembly is inserted into the thread end of the hammer union.

Daemar hammer union seals

Hammer Union Seals 

SEAL-O-Matic Unions

Seal-O-Matic unions use special rubber seal ring for postitive sealing with minimum torque. This ring snap-fits into a dent within the hub to prevent its loss.

Materials: Union Seals in 1” to 4” line pipe sizes in:

  • 80 Nitrile
  • 80 Viton
  • 90 Viton
  • 80 HNBR
  • Available in Guiberson and Weco Styles


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