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Disc Springs

Daemar offers a complete range of standard disc spring products as per DIN 2093 and DIN 6796. These two German standards are considered as benchmarks for quality of Disc Springs and Belleville Washers worldwide. There are very few companies in the world, which can adhere to these demanding standards and our supplier is one of them. They have developed tooling for all Disc Spring varieties mentioned in DIN 2093 like Group-1 (thickness<1.25mm), Group-2 (thickness =1.25mm and 6mm) and Group-3 (thickness >6mm). Within these groups, all standard size as per Series A, Series B, Series C are available.


Standard Product Range

The Standard Product Range of disc springs (sizes to DIN 2093 and Factory Standards) includes 246 sizes with outside diameters between 8 and 250 mm. These springs are manufactured from Ck 67 and 50 CrV 4, and are typically available from stock. The standard corrosion protection is zinc phosphating and oiling.

Special Range

Daemar can provide the following non-standard products:

  • Designing of Disc Springs to suit the customized applications.
  • Development of complicated tooling within a very short period
  • Wide range of materials
  • Various surface coating including Epoxy coatings, Mechanical Zinc plating & other special plating requirements.


Standard Disc Springs – DIN 2093

  • Disc springs to DIN 2093 (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3)
  • Disc springs to Factory Standards or other as required
  • Size range: outside diameter 6.0 mm to 800 mm
  • Materials to DIN 2093 (DIN 17 221, DIN 17 222) and special materials
  • Disc springs with a thickness of 0.5 mm and greater are shot-peened to improve fatigue life
  • Standard corrosion protection is phosphating and oiling. (Other coatings are available)


Disc Spring Stacks

On request, Daemar can deliver disc springs pre-assembled in stacks or on a guiding device.

Advantages include:

  • Ability to provide stack specific load-deflection diagrams
  • Small load tolerances possible
  • 100% load testing can be used to verify proper stacking
  • Assembly is more efficient with preassembled stack


Belleville Washers – DIN 6796

•Heavy Duty Belleville Washers or Conical Washers are manufactured as per DIN 6796 in 50 CrV 4 and Ck 67.

  • Belleville washers are designed to preload bolts and are not intended for applications with dynamic loads.
  • Disc springs to Factory Standards or other as required
  • Size range: for bolts from 2mm(#2) up to 30mm(1-1/8″)
  • Standard corrosion protection is phosphating and oiling. (Other coatings are available)


Typical Applications

•Disc Springs for Actuators & Ball Valves

•Conical Washers for Switchgear Applications

•Disc Springs for Windmills

•Belleville / Conical Washers for Fasteners

•Conical Seal/ Lock Washers for Earth Moving Equipment














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