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Choose from a wide variety of parts for the appliance industry. Use heat resistant Flex500 parts for refrigeration units and applications exposed to heat. The P68VH was specifically designed to close off ports in heating and air conditioning unit bases and prevent fluid flow and leaks from bases of HVAC units.

Caplugs caters to the automotive industry by providing thousands of plastic parts and components designed specifically for automotive applications. •Block caps •Fuel line caps •Brake bleeder line plugs •Finishing caps •Finishing plugs •Sheet metal plugs •Body plugs
Caplugs caters to the field of avionics by designing plastic components specifically designed to meet industry needs. Caplugs parts meet a wide range of Mil/Nas specifications.
Compressed Gas
Caplugs has a full line of products to protect CGA(Compressed Gas Association) valves and compressed gas cylinders. Used in a wide range of specialty, medical and industrial applications, this line includes protective netting for cylinders, caps for valves with external threads…
Caplugs offers a wide range of caps, plugs, and plastic components for the construction industry. Choose from pvc pipe caps, to custom sleeve web used for anchoring bolts in concrete and more.
Caplugs has worked with the converting industry for more than 60 years. Caplugs has developed the versatile PolyGuard™ line of core plugs and basic accessories to protect the quality and integrity…
Caplugs offers thousands of caps and plugs to protect electrical connectors and components. Specialized materials for the Electronics Industry: •Non-sloughing caps meet Mil Spec 5501/31…
Fabricated Metals
Fabricators have long looked to Caplugs for product protection, masking, and finishing caps and plugs. No matter what stage of metal fabricating you’re in, Caplugs has parts to make your job easier…


Furniture & Fixtures
Caplugs stocks hundreds of finishing caps, plugs, and glides to make your finished product more attractive and safe. Use Caplugs finishing plugs to hide open holes in sheet metal, open tube ends, and plug unused option ports. Caplugs line of caps are ideal to cover exposed nuts and bolts…
Home Medical
Caplugs has the perfect remedys for Homecare Medical Equipment protection. •Hundreds of glides, plugs and caps for open tube ends to proctect users from sharp edges. •Plastic netting to protect oxygen tanks and inexpensive tamper-proof vlave covers to ensure user safety…
Whether you need to protect Hydraulic and Pneumatic fittings from physical damage or seal out dirt, moisture and other contaminants, Caplugs has a solution.
Industrial Machinery
Industrial Machinery


Caplugs offers a full range of masking products designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and corrosive environments of finishing processes.Our lines of Flex500®, silicone, paper, polyester and vinyl caps, plugs, tapes and disc products provide reliable protection for the industry’s widest range of sizes and shapes. Look for the Logo whenever you need to work with 500° F + processes…
Caplugs has a full line of product specifically engineered for the medical industry. Choose from a wide variety of instrument guards that are flexible for easy installation and vented to ensure they don’t “pop-up” during high temperature sterilization processes. Caplugs tubing and containers are ideal to package delicate medical instruments and components…
Caplugs offers a wide range of attractive, durable, and economical packaging solutions. Clear Plastic Tubing – ClearView Tubing •Round closed-end tubing •Round open-end tubing •Square closed-end tubing •Square open-end tubing •Heavy duty clear plastic tubing Containers •One piece tethered containers •Two piece vial containers Plastic Netting / Plastic Sleeving…
The Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing Industry is based on the transformation of crude petroleum and coal into usable products.The dominant process is petroleum refining that requires the use of pipes and flanges of all sizes. Among the products listed below are the CE (Closed End) Series Pipe Caps with a new patent pending design that allows for quick and easy installation…


Pipe & Flange Protection
Saving Time and Money… with Caplugs products you can prevent damage to threaded or beveled pipe ends and avoid costly delays in your schedule due to reworking or replacing damaged products in the field. Keep Dirt out, Keep clean in… with Caplugs products you can keep dirt and contaminants out of your pipes or valves and ensure trouble-free installation…
Sporting Goods
Caplugs has a range of parts ideal for sporting goods, outdoor furniture, lawn/garden tools and more. Choose from hundreds of finishing caps and plugs to “finish” off your product and protect the user from raw edges. Sheet metal plugs cover open holes in your equipment while tube ends and plugs offer an aesthetically pleasing cover for your open pipe ends…


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