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Save your Equipment from Corrosion with Washdown Linear Bearings

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Save your Equipment from Corrosion with Washdown Linear Bearings

The food and Beverage industry’s topmost concern is the health and safety of its consumers, and manufacturing procedures can’t be comprised in any way for their protection. Moreover, they must pass strict FDA regulations and compliances.

Caustic Foaming Agents, part of the food and beverage manufacturing assembly line, are corrosive and can cause severe damage to balls, rollers, plastics, seals, and lubricants. Thus, contaminating the food/drink seriously. The Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures must be adapted to the type of food/beverage being manufactured. It involves consistently using the right cleaning and sanitizing procedures in dairy and food processing plants for producing high-quality, safe food. Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) are detailed procedures specifying what to clean, how to clean, how often to clean and the records used for monitoring.

In the baking industry, warm water and soap is a common washdown combination. However, meat, poultry, and dairy products require more aggressive chemicals like sodas (sodium hydroxide) and self-foaming cleaners, foaming acids and self-foaming chlorinated caustic cleaners like chlorine to sanitize bearings, shafting and direct food contact areas.

Daemar understands the issues associated with FDA/Washdown compliant materials, and it offers a range of components including linear Ball Bearing, NP Pillow Block and ETX Scraper Seal Cartridge combination as a definite solution to your linear motion requirements when FDA and Caustic Foaming Agent(s) compliance is application critical. These components help to meet FDA safety requirements while also, putting consumer safety first.

Our NP Pillow Block systems allow for the following:

  1. Retains Lubrication during high-pressure washing
  2. The ETX Scraper Seal Cartridges keep caustics and debris from entering and fouling ball circuits
  3. Allow for self-alignment when shaft parallelism or pillow block-to-pillow block centerlines are out of alignment
  4. FDA/ Washdown Compliance

This system works exceptionally well with our Marvalloy coated 440C Stainless Shafting.

FDA Linear Bushings

The FDA Linear Bushings are available in four different styles:

  1. FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Bearings: FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Motion Bearings feature a 304 Stainless Steel Shell which is lined with A FDA/USDA Compliant, Self-Lubricating, Liner.
  2. Fluidline Linear Bearings: Self-lubricating, low friction, lightweight, low wear material, which is excellent in applications which require FDA, USDA and 3A compliance.
  3. FDA Lite™ Linear Motion Bearings: Made with our Ceramic Coated Aluminum Shell and our self-lubricating FDA white, PTFE composite liner, this bearing offers FDA/USDA compliance, is 1/4 the weight of 300 series stainless and costs less.
  4. WDX Slide Rail Linear Bearings: Slide Rail Bearings represent the latest in sliding friction – low profile rail guide – technology. Slide Rail’s unique 45-degree load plane ensures moderate load/speed capacity coupled with easy, quiet linear motion. Slide Rails are FDA/USDA compliant.

To get more information about Daemar’s range of Washdown Linear Bearings, contact your local Daemar Technical Sales Representative.











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