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daemar spirolox spiral retaining rings


Spiral Rings

Choose Spirolox Retaining Rings For Greater Design Freedom and More Efficient Product Assembly.

Spirolox spiral-wound retaining rings are a better way to retain a variety of components or parts of assemblies in a diverse range of applications – from toys to aircraft. Spirolox retaining rings are easier to install and up to 75% less expensive than stamped retaining rings. And compared to using a threaded shaft and nut for light to moderate thrust load designs, they can help you save a bundle in materials, machining and assembly labour costs.

The unique design of Spirolox spiral rings provides a strong, yet flexible, 360 degree retaining surface. They offer you greater freedom of design and speed production by reducing the number of required parts and eliminating excess machining such as counterboring, threading, drilling, and other complicated and costly processes. Because no special tools are required to install or remove Spirolox retaining rings, components can be assembled quickly by either manual or semi-automatic methods.

Sizes available from 3/8” to 85” Diameter. Spirolox spiral rings are fabricated from high quality, rectangular carbon spring steel or “302” stainless steel coiled on edge. This creates a ring with exceptional strength and stability. And because the coil is thin in section it provides the flexibility needed for easy installation and removal.



Light Duty (UR & US Series)

UR – US Series – For economy in light duty applications. Rings are single turn for shaft ore bore diameters from 1/2” through 10”. A radius removal notch is on one end. The other end is square cut. Rings are axially assembled.


Medium Duty (RR & RS Series)

RR – RS Series – This series offers economy in price, space requirements and weight in medium thrust applications. These rings are rated to handle approximately twice the thrust capacity of the light duty series and 2/3 the amount of thrust load of heavy duty rings. They range in size from 1/2” to 11 shaft and bore diameters.


Medium Heavy Duty (RRT & RST Series)

For maximum ease of assembly with maximum thrust capacity. This series was originally designed to fit NAS 50-51 Grooves. RRT (internal) and RST (external) thrust capacity is just below that of the Heavy Duty rings. Sizes range to fi 1/2” to 10” shaft and bore diameters (Sizes ablove 6” are 3 turn to facilitate assembly and removal).


Heavy Duty (RRN & RSN Series)

Sizes range to fit 1/2” through 15” shaft and bore diameters and fit NAS 669-670 deep grooves with minimum deflection and greatest thrust capacity. RRN (internal) and RSN (external) rings require no special tools for removal. This series is covered by Aerospace standard AS3215 and AS3216 and will comply when specified on puchase order or drawing.













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