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Linear Motion Bearings

Daemar supports LM76 Linear Motion products. LM76 is a leader in the development and manufacture of Self Lubricating Linear Bearings for automation, exercise, food process, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. LM76 Minuteman Self Lubricating Linear Bearings meet or exceed the specifications of any comparable linear bearings. Linear Bearings that exceed the challenge.

Self-Lubricating Linear Bearings

The LM76 Minuteman Self Lubricating Linear bearings, pillow blocks and flange blocks are direct drop-in replacements for linear ball bearings. Minuteman bearings are self lubricating and because the PTFE Composite has no abrasive fillers, it can run on RC60, soft 300 series stainless and aluminum.


Ceramic Coated Bearing Series

The “original” drop-in replacement for linear ball bearings in 1976. Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings feature a file hard, RC89 coating over an aluminum substrate. This bearing requires lubrication, light oil is sufficient, and has broken all test records for linear feet of travel: 100 million!


FDA-USDA Self Lubricating Bearings

LM76 offers food process, pharmaceutical, packaging machinery and medical equipment engineers 3 off-the-shelf, FDA/USDA compliant linear bearing options.


LFG Self Lubricating Linear Bearing

Glass Epoxy Shell with Minuteman Self Lubricating Liner. Closed style only. High impact, shock and vibration resistant. Advantages of the LFG include: Self Lubricating, Lightweight/Non-Metallic, Chemically Inert, Electrically Insulated and Impact Resistant.



EZ…GO Linear Ball Bearings

E-Z…GO linear ball bearings are designed to meet or exceed the industry standard in linear ball bearings.We offer A Series, Self Aligning and standard, drop-in replacement pillow block bearing assemblies.


Stainless Linear Ball Bearings

LM76 Stainless (440C hardened to 58RC hardness) Linear Ball Bearings provide low friction, corrosion resistant operation. These bearings can be supplied with a stainless retainer ( higher temp ) and a resin retainer (less noise, less weight and lower cost). Direct drop-in for industry standard inch linear ball bearings.


Linear Shafting & Accessories

Standard linear shafting: RC60/Class L Linear Shafting, 300 series s/s Linear Shafting. For most applications, RC60/Class L is the linear shafting of choice with all LM76 linear bearing styles: Minuteman, Ceramic Coated and FDA/USDA acceptable.


Linear Roller Blocks & Rails

A range of systems including: chain roller slides, profile rail systems, twin rail roller blocks, screw driven linear slides and more…



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