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Stainless FDA Linear Bearings

FDA/UDSA Linear Motion Bearings

Our LM76 bearings offer food process, pharmaceutical, packaging machinery and medical equipment engineers 3 off-the-shelf, FDA/USDA compliant linear bearing options.

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FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Bearings

FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Motion Bearings feature a 304Stainless Steel Shell which is lined with A FDA/USDA Compliant, Self Lubricating, Liner.


Fluidline Linear Bearings

Self-lubricating, low friction, lightweight, low wear material which is excellent in applications which require FDA, USDA and 3A compliance.


FDA Lite™ Linear Motion Bearings

Made with our Ceramic Coated Aluminum Shell and our self-lubricating FDA white, PTFE composite liner, this bearing offers FDA/USDA compliancy, is 1/4 the weight of 300 series stainless and cost less.


WDX Slide Rail Linear Bearings

SLIDE RAIL BEARINGS represent the latest in sliding friction – low profile rail guide – technology. Slide Rail’s unique 45 degree load plane ensures moderate load/speed capacity coupled with easy, quiet linear motion. Slide Rails are FDA/USDA compliant.



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