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FN Series - Bearing Isolator

FN – 360 for flooded oil level and oil mist applications, non-flanged.

Non-flanged 360- Specifically designed for oil flooded and oil mist applications where seal must be flush mounted. Maximum 5 psi (.03 bar) internal pressure. PTFE material with stainless steel rotor. Excludes heavy water spray and dry contaminants from the bearing cavity.

This hybrid isolator combines labyrinth technology with dual contacting PTFE lips which ride on an internal stainless steel sleeve which produces zero shaft wear. For flooded or oil mist applications requiring an airtight seal.


Technical Specifications

  • MAXIMUM SURFACE SPEED: Up to 3,000 fpm (15 m/s)
  • AXIAL MOVEMENT: 0.003 inch (0.08 mm)
  • ECCENTRICITY: 0.003 inch (0.08 mm)
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° to 250 °F / -40° to 121 °C

Performance Advantages

Machine downtime due to bearing failure is costly. By keeping lubrication in and contaminants out, ProTech™ bearing isolators provide reliable, two-way sealing protection of rotating equipment for extended bearing life and zero shaft wear. Labyrinth sealing technology applied to high performance materials allows the ProTech FN-360 bearing isolator to operate far beyond shaft speed limits of standard radial lip seals. Because it is a precision-machined seal, costs can be eliminated on tooling charges, allowing retrofit of most shaft and bore combinations.


The FN 360 design is specifically designed for oil flooded and oil mist applications where the seal must be flush mounted and for applications that may require an airtight seal. It is ideal for equipment used in food processing or subjected to frequent wash down where positive oil retention is required, including flooded oil conditions. It is also used for severe splash exclusion for gearboxes, motors, pumps, mixers, cooling towers, aerators, and custom equipment. If external contamination is heavy in vertical up mounting position, contact a technical sales representative.

Total Eccentricity: 0.003” (0.08 mm)
Shaft Speed: Up to 3,000 fpm (15 m/s). Contact factory for speed exceeding 3,000 fpm (15 m/s).
Axial Movement: 0.003” (0.08 mm)
Maximum internal pressure: 5 psi (0.34 bar)
Shaft/Bore Tolerances: ±0.002” (±.05 mm). Special designs available.


Stator: ProTech uses proprietary PTFE compounds making it well suited for harsh environments. Characteristics of the various PTFE materials include:
• Temperature range: -40 to 250 F (-40 to 121 C)
• Higher temperature applications can be handled with alternate materials.
• Low wear, low coefficient of friction. Superior for dynamic applications.
• FDA compliant PTFE
• Anti-microbial PTFE
• Sanitary standards for USDA food and dairy product contact

Rotor: The 360 series utilizes stainless steel for the rotor. This provides excellent corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility, as well as the ability to transition well into FDA applications. It is highly resistant to the attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres as well as acids, dyes and salts.

O-Rings: Come standard as FKM, but also available in:
• FDA silicone
• Fluorosilicone
• Aflas®

Size Range

The FN 360 Profile is manufactured in standard shaft diameters ranging from 1/2” to 10” (12.7mm to 254mm).  Because this is a precision machined seal, we can manufacture virtually any configuration.