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Retaining Ring Standard Finishes

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Daemar Standard Finishes for Retaining Rings


Retaining Ring Standard Finishes

Compare specific finishes for your retaining ring and application.



Phosphate (PA) –

Zinc based coating. Provides added shelf life plus a measure of protection in corrosive environments. This standard finish is recommended over unfinished plain steel since it offers an extended shelf-life protection against rusting.

Phosphate& Oil (PD) –

This finish provides 8-hour salt spray protection.

Heavy Phosphate & Oil (HPD) –

This finish provides 72 salt spray hours and can be used in place of costly stainless steel material in some applications. (Contact Daemar Technical Sales for more information).

Zinc Plating (ZD) –

This coating features a yellow dichromate post plating finish. It affords the metal excellent salt spray protection (96 hours) and is particularly effective for applications exposed to seawater. Our SAE 1060-1090 steel retaining rings are zinc plated using a mechanical plating process, which effectively eliminates hydrogen embrittlement.

Bright Zinc (ZF) –

Most of the dichromate is leeched out of this process, leaving a ‘bright’ silver finish on the parts. ZF offers some corrosion protection (48 hours), but is widely used when the aesthetics of the part are a factor.

Zinc Dichromate Lacquer (ZDL) –

This improved finish offers corrosion protection of up to 240 hours of salt spray protection (HZDL offers 480 hours salt spray protection). It is a low cost substitution for costly non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel in some applications. Call for additional information.

Trivalent Coating (Z3X) –

This coating meets global requirements for hexavalent-free coatings, and our supplier Rotor Clip has worked with the automotive industry to write new standards for its use with retaining rings. Z3X, trivalent with a sealer, affords 240 salt spray hours of protection and is RoHs & ELV compliant.









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