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L2M Seals

The rotary shaft seal L2M has been developed specifically for the severe operating conditions encountered in the rolls of paper making machines hot and cold rolling mills, heavy industries and where high speed and misalignment are encountered.

The life and performance of a lip seal is largely dependent upon the preload of the sealing lip on the shaft. In this respect the L2M design offers a significant advantage over conventional garter spring seal types as a result of its highly elastic garter finger spring combination.

The Spring Design Improves Performance

Shaft misalignment (shaft deflection, bearing clearance, out of round and run out) creates changes to the lip preload that can in conventional seals compromise either or both lip tip sealing integrity and seal life.

Reduces Effect of External Forces 

The finger garter spring combination in L2M largely eliminates the effects of external forces causing changes in lip tip preload and therefore is more likely to maintain the fluid film underneath the lip, the condition of which has the greatest effect on seal life and performance.


Operates Under Severe Misalignment

Even with the severe misalignment capability of the L2M design high speeds are also permissible up to 35 m/s.

Eliminates Spring Detachment

When fitting the L2M seal over a long shaft or into a housing where the lip cannot be seen another significant advantage is evident as the spring cannot come adrift from its housing as a result of the garter finger spring configuration eliminating spring detachment.

No Leakage between Components

All garter and finger springs are constructed from stainless steel. The finger spring being clamped and the sealing lip bonded to the metal of the case eliminating any potential leakage between the seal components.

Daemar DMR Rotary Shaft Seals

L2M Seals

This high performance, truly competitive rotary shaft seal was developed specifically for severe operating conditions. The L2M with it’s double spring design is built to withstand high speeds and high eccentricities in the most demanding applications.

Typical applications: steel industry, paper mill industry and coal pulverizing industry.









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