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Daemar’s digital manufacturing teams provide customers with quick specialty manufacturing solutions. With in-house computer-aided design systems and tooling facilities, Daemar specializes in rapid prototyping and batch production of seals.

Daemar’s Custom Manufacturing Brochure highlights specialty manufacturing solutions for the industry.

CNC Custom Machining

CNC Machined Seals
With state-of-the-art rapid-production CNC machinery, Daemar offers the capability of designing and manufacturing fully computer-designed Quick Seals for a wide range of profiles and diameters starting from 1/4″ (6 mm). Seal designs can be modified to your specific application quickly and precisely including changes in lip design, seal clearances and interferences as well as other key dimensions. We will provide drawings and technical expertise for your consideration. For new product inquiries, typically we are able to provide samples and working prototypes within five days. For existing products made from stock material or in the case of emergency situations, we are able to run small batches on the same day that an order is received. More>>

Cast Urethane

Polyurethane Parts
Manufacturing a wide range of large diameter seals including standard symmetrical U-cups, loaded seals, thin-lip Ucups, dual-durometer U-cups and custom profiles such as feathered and asymmetrical lip designs. Seals are available in both imperial and metric sizes with more than 1200 molds in stock for large diameter U-cup seals up to 32½” OD and inhouse manufacturing capabilities to produce custom molds and seals up to 34″ OD. Seals are available in a wide range of polyurethane molding materials and offer high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and superior pressure resistance up to 5000 psi. More>>

Injection Molding

Daemar DMR Injection Molding
Daemar can assist in the design and manufacturing of injection molded components in a range of materials including: polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. More>>

Vulcanizing and Cold Splicing

Vulcanized O-Rings
For applications requiring a non-standard diameter o-ring a custom vulcanized o-ring is often the fastest and most cost effective solution. Daemar’s custom vulcanized rings are produced from extruded o-ring cord, cut to length and hot spliced using heated dies and a heat sensitive bonding agent. The heated die provides consistent heat and help form a clean and visually appealing finish to the joint. Most of our elastomers can be vulcanized. More>>

  • Vulcanized O-Rings
  • Cold Spliced O-Rings

Elastomer Extrusions

Custom Extruded Elastomers
Often to meet our customers requirements a custom extruded profile in necessary, our team is experienced in providing turnkey custom elastomer extrusion solutions, from design, through engineering and manufacturing. From simple shapes to complicated profiles, we provide extrusions in both solid and foam rubber and in most of our standard elastomers, including: Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone and Viton. More>>

Optical Part Inspection

Optical 3-Axis measuring and inspection of parts, generating graphical representations of measured parts and detailed reports. More>>

CNC Router Table

CNC Router Table
CNC routing flange protectors from solid plastic and corrugated plastic sheets. Cutting flange gaskets. More>>

  • Flange Protectors
  • Flange Gaskets









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