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A Range of Caps, Plugs & More to Protect Gas Cylinders & Valves

Daemar offers a complete line of products to protect CGA (Compressed Gas Association) valves and compressed gas cylinders. These are used in a wide range of specialty, medical and industrial applications. This line includes protective netting for cylinders, caps for valves with external threads, plugs for valves with internal threads, protective valve sleeves and reusable tethered vinyl caps.

Our compressed gas valve and cylinder protection parts provide:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Snug fit during shipment and storage
  • Reliable and economical product protection
  • Hundreds of sizes, styles and colors available for immediate shipment
  • Custom parts made to fit your unique application

It is essential to protect compressed gas cylinders, valves and connections using equipment that is designed for a specific gas since connecting the wrong equipment can lead hazardous chemical reaction. Daemar offers a series of compressed gas protection equipment to meet requirements of different industries and different type of application requirements.


SVS Series Medical

Protect the delicate valves of oxygen cylinders from dust and contaminants with our inexpensive plastic sleeves. Our sleeves slip easily over the valve and lock into place. Once the sleeve is applied it can only be removed by using the tear-tab. The tear-tab feature provides a tamper/use evident seal ensuring the tank delivered is full and free of contamination. Use our inexpensive sleeves to ensure the security of your tank and avoid costly liabilities.

They are available in three styles:

Our SVS1 part is designed for valves that don’t include a washer.

The SVS-2W does accommodate the washer. It slips easily over the cylinder and its elasticity provides a snug fit ensuring it stays on the tank during transit. The netting buffers the tank and keeps it from being scratched and dented during shipment.

The SVS-500 is a smaller version than the SVS-1 and SVS-2W. It offers the same lock-in feature and tamper evidence but has a reduced size covering less of the valve.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Colour: Green
Standard Option Colour: White

SVS Series Medical Compressed Gas

SVS Series Medical Compressed Gas

UES Series

This patented design strap is for use on any compressed gas cylinder valve. The UES strap is designed to fit a full range of CGA listed valves. The versatile dual-locking system allows it to be used as a cap or plug and provides tamper evidence for both. The strap is moulded in flexible and durable material making it ideal for use in all climates.

Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
Standard Colour: Yellow (UES-01) and Red (UES-02)


UES Series Compressed Gas Protection

To learn more about the other styles and sizes we offer, visit this page.

Contact your local Daemar Technical Sales Representative for more information on Caps, Plugs & More to Protect Gas Cylinders & Valves.











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